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The objective of the training course is to learn to recognise natural social behaviour within an organisation, and its (negative) effects. We also hope participants will acquire skills and knowledge that will enable them to solve or prevent some of the problems that can arise as a result of natural behaviour.


The Apemanagement® trainings consist of two main parts, a Theoretical session and a Practical one.


Morning (Theory)

The introduction to the training considers the similarities between the various social behaviours seen in groups of apes and in organisations. We will answer the burning question of how watching apes can help us understand our own behaviour better.


By comparing the way in which the hierarchy is determined in groups of apes with the way in which people aim to secure or display their hierarchal position within an organisation, we can gain some insight into the natural source of this behaviour.


As well as the theory on social behaviour within organisations and groups of apes, we will also examine a number of cases. During these cases the participants will themselves examine the extent to which there is any evidence of this natural social behaviour within their own organisations.


In the beginning of the introduction participants will be expected to be able to describe the hierarchal structure of their own organisation.

Then, at the end of the Theoretical session, once the theory has been discussed the same question will be asked again, but now they will be expected to consider the "biological hierarchy" How can we apply the knowledge we have acquired to manage certain organisational processes more effectively, and to limit the negative effects of our natural behaviour?

Communication is often considered a problem within organisations; for various reasons. What are the causes of the problems? In preparation for the second afternoon assignment, we will examine how communication occurs and what can go wrong.


Afternoon (Practice)


Skills learned during the assignments include observing a group of primates and gathering the information needed to be able to lead a group. The participants will also learn to look differently at organisational problems such as changes and merges.


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Tailored courses


The basic training described above is a very general and broad course.

In-company courses are also available where, by arrangement with the customer, attention is focused on one or more particular topics and the practical assignments are adapted accordingly. Another option is to discuss various individual topics in a separate session as a supplement to the basic course.

Possible topics include:

· Stress

· Change in processes

· Merging

· Culture

· Communication (and miscommunication)

· Leadership/Management skills

· Conflicts/Reconciliation


The content and specific requirements of in-company courses are discussed with the customer beforehand.










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