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Local GP practice goes ape at Chester Zoo!


Doctors, nurses and Patient Services staff from Ellesmere Port’s Hope Farm Medical Centre gathered at Chester Zoo to learn more about the incredible similarities between the behaviour of humans and apes - and how to use this knowledge as a team on a day-to-day basis.


Chatting by the coffee machine, trying to impress the boss, patting each other’s shoulders, handing out compliments, the need for our own workplace and countless more are all prehistoric behaviours that we see both in humans and monkeys.


The team visited the chimpanzees, and finally the orangutans to observe some of these behaviours first-hand. And at the end of the workshop, when they understood much more of these monkeys and apes, they even got to choose which primate’s behaviour stood closest to their own!


Practice manager of Hope Farm Medical Centre, Tim Goldsbrough said ‘Viewing groups of monkeys as a group and then applying that to our team gave people the opportunity to make impartial judgements in a non-confrontational way. One of the most useful aspects to take away from the course was how monkeys communicate and interact as a group. Applying these principles to the practice team will enable us become a highly effective team which in term will benefit our patients. This is an important consideration for us to start to work on.’


Apemanagement by Design


At Port Lympne Wildlife Park we had a training for Journeys by Design. 

The workshop started with an introduction into monkey business where we explained why we are comparing human and primate behaviour.


The theoretical background was followed by the observation of a Guinea baboon group. Participants were prompted to observe the monkeys objectively. Objective observation was one of the main threads of the day, reminding the participants to refrain of making assumptions of their colleagues without observing them first. We continued the objective observation but this time in front of the gorilla enclosure.


After finishing the observations we compared the different primate strategies of cooperation and communication and discussed how these could be translated onto the office floor. There are no good or bad strategies; they all stand their place in the appropriate environment. It seemed to everybody though that working to every individual’s strength and cooperation characterizes the team the most.


We finished the day with the participants making their very own monkey hill!

The exercises reassured the participants on the effectiveness on their ways of working and showed them some insight on the biological background of it.


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Workshop Beastly Bullies in Chester Zoo


Recently we have started with our Beastly Bullies workshops in the UK.

Apemanagement was able to contribute to the national Anti bullying week with a workshop at Chester Zoo.

The national Anti-Bullying Week is an annual UK event, organized by the Anti-Bullying Alliance ABA).

As an ABA member, Apemanagement took part in the initiative and invited interested parties from Cheshire to a Beastly bullies workshop.


Teachers, head-teachers and the Chair of Cheshire’s Primary Head teachers Association participated in our workshop at Chester Zoo, focussing on what primates can teach us about fighting bullying in the schoolyard.

The workshop was very successful and the idea behind Beastly Bullies was described by the participants as very interesting, unique and of added value.