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In his thought provoking lectures, Patrick van Veen highlights amusing but important traits of our social primitive behaviour, in other words:

the monkey business we get up to on the shop floor.

In various topics he looks at the question why we display certain behaviour or why problems arise. He uses the behaviour of apes as an example. After all, they are not inhibited by shame, rational approaches, culture or concealing clothes. They can offer us a perfect framework within which we can study our problems.


Themes or subjects for lectures can be:


 Monkey business on the shop floor

 Being a leader: the manager overlooking the troop



 Changing from another perspective



There are more possible themes with regard to our social primitive behaviour.


The subject and the lecture can be geared towards the target audience, question or problem of the organisation.

Depending on the size of the group, an interactive talk is one of the possibilities.



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