C o n t a c t

Comments made by participants


Learned at a workshop:


Viewing groups of monkeys as a group and then applying that to our team gave people the opportunity to make impartial judgements in a non-confrontational way.

One of the most useful aspects to take away from the course was how monkeys communicate and interact as a group.

Applying these principles to the practice team will enable us become a highly effective team which in term will benefit our patients.


We all felt it was a very useful workshop. We not only learned more about the social behaviour of primates but we learnt valuable lessons about human behaviour. This will allow us to think differently in the office and in our own lives. I am already noticing the difference in myself; I am wary of not making assumptions and trying to stay objective.


The workshop helped me to identify primal behaviour in the workplace and how those behaviours affect team dynamics.


Communication between people is genetically determined.


The signals and communication we send out subconsciously are always a way of sending a message.


Behaviour has to be assessed extensively and objectively.



Comments made by participants in a workshop:


“The information which I have gained during this workshop, helps in many situations.”


“The workshop was very humorous but also gave much food for thought.”


“I will first try to observe objectively instead of giving premature judgments.”


“I learned not to project my interpretation on someone immediately, but to listen and to observe first.”


“It was very interesting to observe and analyze, because normally I try to find a solution for a problem immediately.”


“Thank you very much indeed for a super day at Chester Zoo. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and experience.”


“The team found the session informative and enjoyable - a great combination.”



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