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Translating Science to Knowledge


Apemanagement’s® mission is to translate academic research from biology and the behavioural sciences into usable and practical knowledge, as well as learning methods that can be used to address everyday social issues.

The three main themes on which we are currently focusing are:

· management and corporate behaviour

· bullying

· choice of partner




Apemanagement® takes social behaviour as the basis for solving problems. Solving a problem starts with identifying its root.

One of the most important causes of problems is our own social behaviour. Often the way we try to survive in an organisation not only hinders our own performance but that of the group as well. But we seldom approach problems from the point of view of our own social behaviour. The reason is that it is often too upsetting face up to how our basic behaviour affects the performance of a group.

It is also hard to consider our own role in the group because we have simply never been taught the skills this requires.

A solution is to look at social groups displaying similar behaviour and take these as a model. For this we use another social group that we know a great deal about: apes. Traces of similarities can still be seen in our behaviour. Apes can help us to decipher and understand our own complex social behaviour. They are a model for our social behaviour.


Our trainers


Dr Katalin Csatádi is a Hungarian biologist who has been living in the United Kingdom since 2007. Throughout her professional career she has had possibilities to have an insight into the behaviour of apes through studying the behaviour of bonobos, chimpanzee like creatures both in zoos and in the wilds of Africa.

She manifested her passion for apes through founding and managing the Hungarian office of the Jane Goodall Institute, an international NGO for education and conservation. Her interest in apes and in management lead her to learn about Apemanagement® wich she joined in 2011 and has been assisting in the setting up of the UK programme.


Biologist Patrick van Veen is the founder and owner of Apemanagement®

He completed his biology studies at the Faculty of Biology of Utrecht University in 1993. He then worked as a freelance advisor. In 1997 he changed his career and became a project manager in the insurance industry.

In 2002 he started Apemanagement® . He works as a freelance biologist, writer, advisor to companies, delivers presentations and runs training courses, gives guest lectures at universities and is consulted by the press as an expert.

Moreover, Patrick van Veen is chairman of the Global Board of the Jane Goodall Institute.

The basis for his current work is formed by his research into the similarities between apes and humans in companies with regard to social behaviour, which he started in 1999. In addition to Help, mijn baas is een aap (Help, my boss is a gorilla), he wrote: Dierbare Collega’s (Dear Colleagues) in 2006, Kuddegedrag in crisistijd (Herd Behaviour in Times of Crisis) in 2009, Hilfe, mein Chef ist ein Affe in 2011, Pestkop-Apenkop (Beastly-bullies) in 2012 and Oerinstincten van de liefde (Instinctive love) in 2014. The books are only available in Dutch or German.


Sarah Mutsaers studied Animal Husbandry at Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. In addition to this, she followed a few courses on behavioural therapy for animals. From 2006 till 2013 she worked for the educational services of the Safaripark Beekse Bergen, a wildlife zoo. She also joined Apemanagement® in 2009. Together with Patrick van Veen, Sarah wrote the book Pestkop-apenkop (Beastly-bullies). This book tells what apes can teach us about bullying on the playground.



“Most problems are not caused by false or lacking systems, but by the behaviour of people.


Still, most of the time solutions are sought by improving systems and procedures or tougher legislation”.